Since 1972, AES has published the journal American Ethnologist, a leading journal in the field.

AES Monographs may be purchased through the American Anthropological Association.

Monograph 8

Transforming Academia: Challenges and Opportunities for an Engaged Anthropology (1999)
Linda G. Basch, Lucie Wood Saunders, Jagna Wojcika Sharff, and James Peacock, editors

Monograph 7

Finding a Moral Heart for U.S. Immigration Policy (1998)
Josiah McC. Heyman, author

Monograph 6

Marriage and Mandatory Abortion among the 17th-century Siraya (1995)
John R. Shepherd

Monograph 5

Moralizing States and the Ethnography of the Present (1993)
Sally Falk Moore, editor

Monograph 4

The Politics of Time (1992)
Henry J. Rutz, editor

Monograph 3

At Work in Homes: Household Workers in World Perspective (1990)
Roger Sanjek and Shellee Colen, editors

Monograph 2

Nationalist Ideologies and the Production of National Cultures (1990)
Richard G. Fox, editor

Monograph 1

Bitter Money: Culture Economy and Some African Meanings of Forbidden Commodities (1989)
Parker Shipton, author